OK look it's no secret I'm not a punk rocker type so it's not like my crowd would invest in D.R.I.'s awesomeness without significant prodding. Which is an important fact when evaluating the depth and breadth of my ministry of the D.R.I. gospel. Shit that might not be the correct usage of those terms but it's no secret I'm not a church dork either. What I mean is I've pumped D.R.I. into the unwilling and disinterested with the greatest effort for nigh on two decades. And what do I get in return? Guitarist Spike Cassidy talks about D.R.I.'s 1995 record to the sweetly wack MorbidZine.com:
Full Speed Ahead did not sell many copies. Why would the next record?! Our fans really didn't want a new record; they just wanted to hear their old favorites from the '80s over and over again. We didn't mind playing them for them.
Uhhh that is the gayest fucking shit I've ever heard. Ok ok ok changes in technology ensure that a new D.R.I. record will not sell at all, but changes in technology have also ensured that a full-length punk record can be done for about $65 on a Sunday afternoon. I guess we should be grateful they're not undertaking to re-record old shit under some retarded pretense. But anyway fucking DO IT.

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