In my haste this morning I neglected to mention that some other dickknob on Metal Sucks wrote that I shouldn't be paid for the aforementioned Cave In live review. No wait actually, he intimated to my fucking bosses that they've been ripped off. By me. I should thank him for neglecting to mention my love of masturbating on the bus. And my crooked charity, The Special Touches Fund, which rescues victims of human trafficking and drowns them. And great now somebody owes an apology to Overkill drummer Sid Falck, now that FalckFest has gotten off to this crappy start.

At any rate, Sid left after Horrorscope cuz um he doesn't like Metal but that doesn't bother me. He was terrific all over that album and Years of Decay is insane. I smell four Nobel prizes just for the guitar solo passage in "Elimination"; it's nothing fancy, but stands as one of Metal's most memorable due in no small part to Falck Nasty's beatz. Also, the Falckster did that double kick/crash cymbal choke thing (the opening to "Infectious" in 1991) a few years before Paul Bostaph did (at 0:31 of Divine Intervention's "Killing Fields" in '94). Now sure, I don't really know what's going on in "Birth of Tension" but whatever just crank up the so so hesh "Blood Money" (above) and grip thy nuts. Pure. Falck.


Haus said...

Push out the jive, bring in the love.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the demonesque opening to "Thanx for Nothin" (homage to Lombardo's intro on "epidemic" on steroids). Also "Nice Day for a Funeral" - a cross-section of Falck's technical prowess throughout.