RasheedWatch: Pistons lose game 5 in Boston

Rasheed Wallace, the metalest NBA player of all time, reacts to the lopsided officiating in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals against Boston Celtics May 28. 

"All that bullshit-ass calls they had out there... with [referees] Mike [Callahan] and Kenny [Mauer] -- you've seen all that shit ... all them phantom calls. [Celtics] cats are flopping and falling all over the floor and [referees] are calling that shit. That shit ain't basketball out there. It's all fucking entertainment. You should know that shit. That shit's all fucking entertainment."

Rasheed's like James Hetfield and Wilt Chamberlain combined! He's an agitator. A truth-teller. A rocker. He's a shot-blocker, three-drainer, low post-dominator, heartbreaker, love-taker, bushwhacker, hornswoggler, ass-kicker, shit-kicker, and weed-smoker. 

But real NBA heads worship 'Sheed because he's the sole member of the league -- that's counting active players, coaches, covering media, administration, and alumni -- who remains unafraid of NBA Commissioner/dickless sell-out David Stern and the moneyed honky class of NBA ticket buyers. The last NBA hero. The Mayor of HooMville. Pure METAL. 

UPDATE: On May 30, Rasheed was fined $25000 by NBA Goon Stu Jackson for the above comments. Goddammit.

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