One problem with reliance on assembly-line songwriters is the occasional overlap, the worst case scenario being when the lead single from your mega-budget, legacy-making follow-up to a diamond-seller shares a bridge with Kiss' "Heaven's On Fire." That's embarrassing, like discovering the superhot girl you just banged was with gay-ass Paul Stanley only moments prior, thus drenching your wang in secondhand Starchild goo. Yuck. I'm no doctor, but in that situation just saw off your dong once it inevitably turns to stone. You don't want that shit to spread. Oh and get the patent before Gene Simmons starts charging admission to view it or selling Kiss Dick-Destroyer lotion.


Anonymous said...

Silly goose, Paul Stanley doesn't fuck girls. The only way you're getting his sloppy seconds is by banging a confused young Kiss fan violated by his 60 year old flaccid love gun. Paul Stanley has a huge bush too.

Steve Mettine said...

I didn't think this discussion could get any grosser. but there you have it: Paul Stanley's flaccid love gun/huge bush. BARF.