I suppressed a giggle today at work when seing the headline Andy Sneap In Talks To Produce Accept. It'd be hilarious if when agreeing to work on the record, he would say "I Accept your offer. Ha get it? Fellas?" Ok sorry but anyway, I don't see how even Sneap could make the Udo-less Cherman also-rans sound as awesome as the chants of SO HOT on Steel Panther's "Hell's On Fire" (here). That's an accomplishment considering how hard it must've been to keep a straight face and get work done in the studio with Michael Starr and co. "Ok let's take it again from 'Put my hotdog into your bun.'" Check out the day-saving new SPanther video for "Community Property" (above) which, unlike "Balls To The Wall," is funny on purpose. PS Metal Injection rules.

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