Those abusive jerks at MetalSucks wouldn't let me write about it, but here goes goddammit it was I who counted St. Anger among the 21st century's best Metal on the now-infamous MS List. Wait shit not St. Arship but seriously, betcha didn't notice The Crown's Possessed 13 received 21 points, equivalent to a single #1 ranking. Yep, ladies, that was moi! My favorite goddamn record of the last bunch of years wasn't even sneezed on by a single other voter. EAT SHIT EACH OF YOU!!

In related news, I love to party and yet certain songs inevitably prompt me to envision my own funeral. What can I tell ya. I don't want any of that downer shit, just dress me in a Testament shirt, tuck copies of Angel Dust and Seventh Son into the coffin, and be blasted with face-scorching Metal as the proceedings conclude. I will've wanted it that way. Vote for Possessed 13's haunting and celebratory finale "Dawn of Emptiness" in HooM!'s Your Funeral Music poll. Yeah I bet you like that bolding. We're bringing it.

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Anonymous said...

surely the ultimate funeral song is Neurosis' I Can See You