Despite strict HooM! regulations regarding whiny, tantrum-throwing screamo types, we can cover Glassjaw. It was annoying when press slurped up their PR, and regurgitated that the Long Island band consisted of NY hardcore scene vets; whatever. Their first record, 2000's Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence was underproduced by Ross Robinson, and had all the bawling and bad girlfriend histrionics of um a record produced by Ross Robinson in 2000. But 2002's Worship and Tribute marked a huge improvement of the band's great-to-groan ratio. Oh and hey did everybody already know that Shannon Larkin (Wrathchild America, Godsmack) played drums on W&T? What the nuts? Where was my man Larry Gorman, formerly of Orange 9mm (above, awesome band that lead me to psychotic Deftones fandom and got me punched in the face)?

Anyway, since then Palumbo has been a busy NY hipster between his preening Head Automatica project and House Of Blow (too easy to make fun of, esp coming from straight edge types), when not repping the Shia LeBeouf-affiliated Cardboard City. GJaw leader Justin Beck, meanwhile, has played an Axl Rose/Dave Mustaine role, alternately inciting and resenting fan attention and impatience with vague and ill-kept promises for the first new music since 2002. Forrrrrrr example, Palumbo throws bothersome fans a bone to Metal Hammer last week (hint: it's an EP siiiigh):
It’s a five or six song EP. And it will be slightly different from the full-length. The new Glassjaw stuff is far more aggressive than it was previously. This is stuff that Beck and I have been working on for a long time. It’s far more aggressive than I ever thought it would be.

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