So Blabbermouth published a statement stating that Don Neville is no longer the fourth singer of Anthrax. And to think just weeks ago, alleged dick-knob Scott Ian employed tons of homoerotic imagery to compare him to history's cluelessest bimbo and Phil Meany McMuscleshorts. Late Tuesday night, Eddie Trunk (above, should re-think the Ann Wilson look) sprang into action with condolences for the band and praise for Drake Nesmith, who so deftly botched the frontman gig after one whole show:
It was pretty clear to me at Rocklahoma that there were some serious chemistry issues off stage with the band and their new singer. I had been hearing and sensing rumblings about this the last few months from various sources. The shame of it is that he was a great singer for the band in the one show I saw, but obviously the band decided it was better to end this now before further conflicts come out.
Um, more like before further turds come out the mouths of Trunk's unbearable co-hosts on That Metal Show. Anyway, as always the HooM! spotlight is cast on the long-suffering Metal community, which has been rent asunder by the Bruce Dickinson-approved Necklebury's abrupt dismissal from Antithrax. Some dudes want Bush back -- they get their wish for two hours at Sonisphere -- and some of us hopelessly plead for Joey B and yes that includes re-recording the vocals for Warship Music.

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