My gf isn't trained in the fine art of Aerosmith ticket-buying, and therefore it was my job to correct her perception that I should've already gotten tickets for the August 21 show. Like dandelion spores or an old t-shirt, Aerosmith tours in the new millennium are fragile and insubstantial in nature, especially ones preceded by news of an injury to guitarist Brad Whitford ostensibly caused by a renegade sportscar. That's coded language to those of us in the Aerosmith inner media circle indicating Whitford requires an emergency round of face-tightening but anyway now Tyler's down. So who's the brainless stoner now? Reuters reports:
The band has performed seven shows on its summer tour, but now two of its five members are on the sick list forcing the postponement of at least three shows. In the latest development singer Tyler, 61, has been hobbled by an unspecified injury, putting the kibosh on July 1 - 5 tourstops.

Guitarist Joe Perry expressed “sincere apologies,” and asking fans to pray for Tyler’s speedy return. “It really bums me out too — you have no idea,” he said. Fans have said Tyler appeared to pull a leg muscle at the band’s last show, on June 29 in Connecticut.


Wayne said...

I'm doing the same thing..I'll probably buy my tickets the day of, just to be safe. Figures...they finally decide to play all of "Rocks" and their age starts catching up with them.

amy said...

That clip of Uncle Salty sounds pretty damn good though. What's the injury to Tyler?

Anonymous said...

What's the injury to Tyler?

Broken hip at the buffet. Hey my AARP card!