It should be illegal to write about your own writing, but you, as a devotee to the Metal arts, need to know why that, after 13 smooth months, HooM! is having technical issues. The auto-publish function is fucking up, and therefore content isn't going up on time blah bluh blork. I'm intensely lazy and averse to complaint emails so let's hope HooM!'s vaguely ghostlike host -- which demands no money and not even adherence to public decency guidelines in return for service -- will be alerted by sirens and flashing red lights to the combination of words Why+the+fuck+isn't+my+shit+publishing+on+time and you're+making+me+look+like+a+dingus+thanks+jerkdongs. Wait actually the watchers should probably concentrate on funneling to the FBI data on sex pervert networks and hate anthems about neo-nazi gang boot attacks (above). But seriously Dangerous Toys rulz 4 life sukkerz.

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