Yeah I can NOT keep a straight face when rock stars start drunkenly intellectualizing everything while blathering on and on about how their records aren't just records but fucking social happenings, man. Don't know what I mean? Uh well hey here's some vicodin jabber from The Cult's Ian Astbury, in which he discredits some records everybody loves. Yes indeed it's time to play Ian What The Shit Are You Talking About? Of the following, which Is Astbury's most delusional statement?
A) I think out of all the Cult albums, [Love] was the one that wasn't made with an agenda in the sense that when the band first formed it was formed out of a love of music. It wasn't sort of a careerist venture. It was never meant to be a job or an occupation. It was just driven by the love of music. As the course of the band progressed and we got to the Electric album, the agenda was to follow up Love, and we got in that cycle of touring and making records.

B) Rock 'n' roll now is pretty much in the garbage. It's barely alive. Everybody has taken from it. Nobody has given back. There are a very few who have given back. It's a very selfish occupation. A lot of people never really returned. That's why we have a lot of pastiche and we have a lot of artists who are never involved beyond their sophomore albums. It's a travesty.

C) There will be no new album. I don't think we'll ever see another Cult album. Albums are dead. The format is dead. iTunes destroyed albums, the whole idea of an album. Albums were established in the '70s and '80s and into the '90s, but they've been dead for a long time. Nobody buys albums. It's been proven. It's an arcane format, as much as the 78 rpm or writing sheet music for an orchestra. It's an old form and, for me, it's much more about if we have a great song we really believe in, then we'll record it and release it.
If you ask me, folks, they're all winners, clusters of pure blue diamonds, multi-faced with specious reasoning and reckless exaggeration. A) Look man, we were forced to make a second Cult record; B) Though I've just stated that we made records for the wrong reasons, I will now assert that music suffers today because bands are making records for the wrong reasons; C) Fuckin' iTunes, dude. That changed the game coooompletely.

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