A quiet item on Blabbermouth Wednesday morning announced the departure of ex-Whitesnake guitarist John Sykes from Thin Lizzy. While rational people wouldn't deign to register the information, for Blue Murder fans it sets off alarm bells and flashing lights. Last Fall, Sykes shot down an agitating Carmen Appice, BM's mustachioed skinsman, who pledged a BM tour in a 2006 interview. But as a wingnut who counts the summer of Blue Murder discovery as a major turning point in my life, it's my sonofabitching right to just ya know choose to believe in a coming string of reunion shows before Appice's body stops moving cuz he's like 70. My mindpower worked on Faith No More and Cave In. Everybody should follow my example and that of a smattering of Bmouth commenters. It's just like religious people who submit to begging on their knees, then claim divine favor when their wishes are accidentally fulfilled. You're welcome, Faith No More fans! I did that shit! Now Blue Murder super happy let's go!


Anonymous said...

Lizzy were supposed to be supporting Metallica in Dublin now all we're left with is avenged sevenfold- THANKS A LOT SYKES YOU BASTARD!

Anonymous said...

can't believe he left during a tour.