One gripe of which I never tire is the occasional House of Hair shows which consist of nothing but limp synth rock. Usually the Dee Snider-fronted weekly rocks, and when he's forced to play Bon Jovi it's followed with some snide (heh heh) remarks about office lady rock like BonJ. And yet I'd pretty much kill for Bon Jovi (above, truly meaningless music) on the wack-ass nights in question, when Snider spins naught but middle-aged moustache pop rock like late Deep Purple ("Point of no returrrrrn") and MSG ("Anytime anytie-yiiim you want may") and the heaviest it gets is gasp "The Final Countdown." It's hard to bail on the show cuz it's like my special time, but man Saraya is some wack shit. Did you ever this Lita Ford atrocity? Then it's "Burning Heart" by Vanderburg ugh.

But worst of all is the pseudo-Clapton honky blues of dreaded Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and his debut solo album Stranger In This Town sweet lord are you serious dude? It sounds like the Lethal Weapon 3 soundtrack with vocals, not the earthly and soulful storytelling of a mysterious drifter. His non-professional affairs aren't exactly endearing either, from the Locklear-Richards switcheroo to the DUI with kids in the car. But we at HooM! are here to say that Sambora is not a complete jackass as widely recorded. See, Bon Jovi (the high-singing dork) helped Skid Row, a real band, land a record deal but rudely cut himself and Sambora into the deal as publishers. I imagine Doc McGhee was involved judging from Sebastian Bach's reaction to his presence on VH1 SuperGroup. Anyway, what I'd never heard was that Sambora gave his share back to the band! Oh I mean from the unimpeachable Wikipedia:
After a big public dispute Richie Sambora gave his share of the money back to Skid Row.
So I guess Jon just threw his on the pile, huh. Maybe he could spend it on a set of testacles.

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