As a hater of college students, it's hard for me not to wish ill on the three shiny, squeaky private school norms competing each day during Jeopardy's college tournament. Worse, this deep into August is repeat season, so answers and patter ring with creepy familiarity. All the same, today's edition was kinda arousing. The chick from Rice said "What is back door?" while breaking into a smirk; then holy shit the $2K response in Music Genres was "What is Thrash Metal" and to my shock, the non-Rice young lady rang in without hesitation to loll her tongue seductively as she cooed those three sweetest syllables in the English language. Thrash Met Al. That's an all-American girl right there. Now that my mind's made up, I just gotta get to her before Kip Winger does. You know what I'm talking about.

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