I've always been really proud of Slipknot despite their penchant for flavorless radio rock and if you ask Roadrunner's then head of publicity, she'll tell you that in 1999, the two of us presaged their explosion to four decimal points. It wasn't tough. The most impressive thing is those nine guys from Iowa no less created awesome jobs for themselves, instead of lamely trying to weasel into and throughout the corporate machine like the rest of us sell-outs. Well actually Slipknot is pretty corporate but at least there are no rules need to prohibit your raging drug problem. Oh wait.
Slipknot canceled a headlining appearance Saturday night at Seattle's Pain in the Grass as drummer Joey Jordison had to be taken to the hospital for health reasons. According to the band, Jordison is expected to make a full recovery.
At the time of the above press release, Jordison (above, ayyyyy) planned to play Sunday's show. However, the whammy brought down on the Lil' Joey was enough to postpone a second date. Look, Slipknot's live productions are complicated, heavy-duty affairs so I guess an occasional gaffe is to be expected. And perhaps it was the Seattle gloom that distracted the Drug Roadie, who erroneously fed to wee Jordison the mountainous dosage of pharmaceuticals meant for big Shawn Crahan, blasting the diminutive skinsman into a lost dimension. Do they need a guitar player?

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