My friends jokingly call Robb Flynn's post-Vio-lence band by the name Head Machine, after that weird guy in downtown Minneapolis who rocked really loud-colored suits and like quintuple espressos but whose occupation it was rumored was rocking dudes in public bathrooms. That's indicative of our esteem for Machine Head, being as they are traitors to Metal led by one of earth's foremost jockstraps. And though the inexplicably revered suckpile is leagues better than Limp B whoa I can't even type it. Sorry, anyway Flynn, Professor Faintypants, and the other two do not have the juice to refuse to play before -- not open for shut up it's not the same -- Durst & the Turdlets at Sonisphere. Now, Lamb of God on the other hand. Guitarist Willie Adler explains the Sonisphere beef:
The guys in Machine Head just didn't wanna open up for Limp B****t, and I agree with them. I wouldn't wanna open up for Limp B****t! They've been out of the scene for so long, I mean, who cares? Who cares about Limp B****t?

Fuck those dudes! Fuck that band, and fuck all the people who work for that fuckin' band!
In other news, isn't that an awesome solo in "Lil' Fighter" by White Lion (above)?

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