It's beach day in HooM!ville, so it was in flip-flops and flowery shorts that I just spent the lunch-hour gabbing about Metal with Behemoth's Adam "Nergal" Darski. It's hard to believe there's someone more enthusiastic about Evangelion, his band's ninth and best record. But alas, Nergal is pumped! And he should be: Evangelion sounds perfect (Colin Richardson NFA) and the songs are dynamic and huge. During the interview, Nergal expressed his gratitude for the warm popular and critical reception so far, but I swiftly struck down that modesty by insisting that awesome records shrouded in a captivating mystique will demand attention and accolades; it's not like fans are doing him a favor by having their minds blown. That'd be like chicks thanking me for sex. Usually they just cry and cry...

Read the full Q&A at MetalSucks this week!

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