Faith No More is back together and duh that's awesome. The Jim Martin issue never has bothered me; the instant that King For A Day...Fool For A Lifetime was released, I decided that Martin wasn't worth missing. It's only recently that I've begun to pine for the dorkwad guitarist, who once dropped like 60 F-bombs in a 300-word feature in Guitar Player. And so it seems like the end of an extended episode of denial as I acknowledge to myself that Martin's thudding, over-chorused riffs are quite muscular and speckled with awesome bits of melody. Like the solo in "Land of Sunshine"; the "Be-hee-hey-lieve wany-hey-aye-they-hang anyone ever tells youwoowoe" part in "Caffeine"; the entire middle section of "Malpractice" (above, playing only the first part of a song is fucking annoying); each juicy second of "A Small Victory" and "Underwater Love"; in fact, only on "Kindergarden" and "Jizzlobber" does he fall flat at all and only briefly.

And further, Jon Hudson may have crafted one of history's most memorable solos in "Stripsearch," but he is so blank and boring in each frame of reunion tour footage I've seen. A guitarist is supposed to be a point of interest in a band; Hudson has no zazz, zork, or even kapowza. Meanwhile, a scenery-chewing Mike Patton seems out-of-tune and short of effort. He's been energetic and wacky, but indifferent to pitch and disinterested in the songs. Maybe I'm too hard on Patton. Ha I said hard-on.

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ELISE said...

I'm stoked as all hell that they've been playing "Malpractice" as it is definitely one of my favorite FNM songs. Top 5, for sure. Never would have expected them to play it! I just wish they weren't doing a shortened version.

But yes, a little off key in this particular video. Also, Jon Hudson is hot so all boring-ness is totally forgiven in my book.