I am a living, breathing human and therefore am enraged constantly by Megadeth onlyman Dave Mustaine's diarretic flow of self-worshiping egospeak. His regular entries into the annals of jackassism do not rise to the level of absurdity, thus going ignored by HooM! But apparently I'm a sadist and/or Blabbermouth is great at teasing his latest volumes of mouth-vomit (actual e.g. Dave Mustaine: 'I've trained a horse to rape my face' Video available). From Friday's Blabs:
I love every one of you that ordered the coffees and stuff, but all good things must come to an end, and the end is near for Dave Mustaine's coffee. I have done my share with helping [Pam Mustaine's coffee company] and helping the Door of Faith charity, and now I am going to look for something new and exciting to do again.
Yes, Dave, sub-moronic people who like both Megadeth and coffee will buy your coffee blend at least once; yes, Dave, that'd be an easy way to goose revenues for your wife's boutique business endeavors; yes, Dave, with amazing speed dissolves the threadbare novelty of exchanging money for some cynical non-product bearing your name, at which point you simply discontinue. That is called hucksterism and it makes you a bastard. Among other things. Thank goodness Steelheart is here to pick up the slack.

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