This week has been pure suffering at work, but a couple of sexagenarians (not what you think it means) swept to the rescue, with humor and face-banging rock music, respectively. The one minute clip of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, 61, going ass-over-teakettle off the ego runway at Sturgis is pure comedy gold. And I worship the guy, but sue me cuz watching dudes frantically banana-peeling off of enormous stages IS HILARIOUS. It's just so damn poetic. I'll scream my apology at Tyler's wheelchair at the L.A. gig in a couple weeks.

Thin Lizzy and figurative 60-year old Phil Lynott get the real honors for keeping my skull from exploding, as theirs was intentional entertainment throughout 1977's Live And Dangerous. I caught the broadcast version and sweet fancy moses those guys ripped shit up. Touted as influential when a more accurate description would be plagiarized, Lizzy until recently was a blind spot for me. So it was shocking to hear so many of their songs directly imply Maiden (on "Emerald" above), Priest, and even Metallica (pretty much just arrangement-wise); there's no separation. And wow Lynott is a god on the final verse of L&D's "The Boys Are Back In Town."

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Sweeney said...

Holy Jesus and Mary. I just rediscovered Thin Lizzy, absolutely love "Emerald" and just picked up Live and Dangerous last week. What are the odds?

"Warriors" is another huge song on that album, but "Emerald" is definitely the balls for me.

Also Axl Rose has the cover art from Black Rose tattooed somewhere on his body.