We all appreciate it when the words spoiler alert appear preceding text or images that reveal undisclosed movie/TV details. Unfortunately, non-entertainment media don't adhere to this guideline, as news sources have squealed this week that early favorite Ryan Alexander Jenkins on Megan Wants A Millionaire was in fact eliminated from the show late in the running. I guess reporters can't be blamed for blowing the surprise (homeboy seemed like a shoo-in) since it was his new wife's corpse that was found packed into a suitcase and left in a recovery house's dumpster in Buena Park last weekend. Hauserman to TMZ:
[Jenkins] met her after the show. They got married in Vegas. I think they got married after two days. I'm just completely horrified that this could happen. I think it's terrible, and I feel really sorry for the girl and her family. [Jenkins is] a really nice guy and very charming, very educated and mature [and has a] really positive attitude. He was always very nice and kind to me. He would be the least likely person I would ever expect to do something like this. He was so nice. He was always really calm and collected.
Well, if HooM! were known to contain reckless condemnations based on media allegations, I'd conclude that since Jenkins married Fiore after only 48 hours of acquaintance and that she turned up strangled in a garbage can just months later, we can conclude that his first intentions were to woo and eliminate Hauserman and her hall of fame bod. And to think I bribed show runners to cut Jenkins for my own stalker reasons, but in the end it was a public service. It's a funny little world.

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Haus said...

I'll marry that gold-digging douchbag-hustling bimbo just to double your stalking efficiency. And for the fiasco that would be her last name.