Ha yeah Thrice has made some great songs but they are way pretentious and therefore ripe for antagonism. Decibel has done so publicly to Thrice and 15 other awful bands in the somewhat inadequately titled The Deciblog Screamo Cover Elimination Bracket. Wacky covers are lame, and if four grown men record an aggro cover of chick anthem or crunk/hopster hit, then they deserve the shameful label of Screamo no matter what. But don't tell that to the sandy vagina Thrice fans out there. People, even your favorite bands do stupid shit occasionally. It's ok to call bullshit on them. In fact, it's healthy! You can directly thank me for Iron Maiden's Brave New World; I complained that shit into existence. No joke.

Anyway, the happy news for us is that the angry, unreasonable HooM! viewpoint is represented in the Bracket. Actually, of the two songs I drew, I'd planned to write about one of them anyway. Huh. Wait a second. You see what's going on here, right? OK people listen carefully, somehow Decibel's Nick Green has gained control of my thoughts. Don't just sit there staring. Stop him!

The Deciblog Screamo Cover Elimination Bracket (so far)

Drop Dead, Gorgeous vs. I Set My Friends On Fire
-- Mike Riggs, Washington City Paper

Brokencyde vs. A Static Lullaby
-- Axl Rosenberg, Metal Sucks

Confide vs. Escape The Fate
-- Kevin Stewart-Panko, Decibel et al.

Surrender The Dance Floor vs. The Devil Wears Prada
-- Cosmo Lee, Pitchfork, Invisible Oranges

The Number 12 Looks Like You vs. Framing Hanley
-- Mark Evans, Decibel

A Day To Remember vs. Ice Nine Kills
-- J. Bennett, Decibel

Thrice vs. Attack! Attack!
-- Sergeant D, Metal Inquisition/Stuff You Will Hate

Set Your Goals vs. Atreyu
-- Anso, Hipsters Out Of Metal!

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