Scott Ian owes me an apology for the Revolver awards black carpet snub. Yeah i get it; it had just started raining. But Billy Duffy said hello after we'd retreated to the same restaurant. This week it's not what Ian's not saying, it's the scary shit he is saying. Like oh i dunno implying that new Anthrax sounds like the world's leading laughingstock fronting the band that brought macho to Metal. Ian on new singer Dan Nelson to The Quietus UK:
Dan has an instrument that makes him able to hit all the stuff and yeah he can do it all. I think of him as being like Chris Cornell singing in Pantera.
Great! That's a fucking nightmare! Elsewhere, Ian doles out teacherly praise to guitarist/producer Rob Cappucino, the guy who made 2003's We've Come For You All all grainy and thin. My personal favorite part of the interview is when Ian states that he'd decided on Nelson as new Anthrax singer "from the first second he opened his mouth"; he goes on to describe a similar feeling when hiring Joey Belladonna and his replacement John Bush. Stick with your gut, Scott. It'll never steer you wrong for four albums. 



Vince Neilstein said...

Disagree on two counts.

1) Rob Caggiano rules.
2) We've Come For You All rules.

That is all.


Anso said...

yeah several great songs (esp Any Place But Here) but ka-rappy production. they should spend the money.