Clint Eastwood: 'Cram it, Hammett!'

Prominent geriatric wheezebag Clint Eastwood reportedly instructed director Spike Lee to 'shut his face' earlier this week in response to Lee's comments regarding the absence of African-American characters in Eastwood's way-sucky Flags Of Our Fathers/Letters From Iwo Jima double-dip of dingleberry dumbness. 

Though Spike Lee's movies rule and Eastwood is a walking embodiment of Old Hollywood slurping Whitey's veiny wang, we here at HooM! are getting into the spirit of the ol' Clintster! And with that, so say us: Shut your fucking cakehole, Kirk Hammett of Suctallica! From RollingStone.com

"Dave Mustaine played fast all the time. I play melodically. And I play parts, different sections that make the solo as hooky as possible. Although I've always been very flashy. I admit it."

All you admit, Kirk, is that your hair is in dire trouble and Mustaine is your desperate band's go-to scapegoat. Picking on Dave Mustaine's guitar playing is like challenging an infant to a all-day pot smoke-off.  

UPDATE: MSNBC nutbag Courtney Hazlett (honky) may be an idiot
UPDATE UPDATE: The Lee-Eastwood situtation escalates

Clint Eastwood, 114, likes movies about whites and delusional Japanese

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