Available In Exchange For Money: June 17 Edition

Hey I'll tell ya what -- Pat Sajak? Not half bad! He had a late night show for a while; shit didn't work out, so, head down, he just bangs out another 10 years of Wheel Of Fortune. Not exactly high art. But from here it looks like his job regularly includes having his forearms caressed by errant boobs. And to our knowledge, Sajak has never staged any public meltdowns/drunken pistol-emptyings, despite countless hours with the Vannaquin. Cheap shot alert.

Metal CDs Available In Exchange For Money: June 17

Judass Priest
Nostradamus (Sony)
'Member how Mastodon's next album is about Rasputin? That's so next year. Know what's totally 2008? Fuckin' Nostradamus, dude. Evidence points to an awesome 71st album for Priest, but what gives with the price? It's a double album, not two albums, each at regular price! It's not my fucking fault they need 42 songs to scream some bonerface's life story! It took Nas a tidy 63 minutes to tell the same story! Next, you'll tell me strippers are charging per boob.

P.S. I met Rob Halford. He was cool but his security totally Terry Ladd-ed me. 

I'd Like To Buy An 'o O O!!': Pat Sajak Solves Vanna White's Puzzle

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