You Fail Me: Joe Drake, Lionsgate Films

Dignity is very important to me and as such, protests stir feelings of pity and distaste; aimless bitching is way more proper. That's why scholar Kid Rock thrilled me today with his astute, totally not hair-brained appraisal of the unfair music industry. Just as smug contentedness washed over me, my bow tie was sent spinning by a bunch of nerds, drunk on empowerment:

Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood reports that sweaty horror nerds have stuffed the inboxes of Lionsgate Films, distributors of
The Midnight Meat Train. Lionsgate helmsman Joe Drake first angered nerds by bumping the Clive Barker adaptation's release from May 16, paving the way for a competition-free run for Rogue Pictures' The Strangers, a hard-R horror flick exec produced by Drake. 

It gets worse: Today, Finke cites sources who reveal that Drake is discreetly covering his back by slating The Midnight Meat Train for a miniscule opening on August 1 (against The Mummy 3), showing on the minimum number of screens allowed by contract and followed by an immediate DVD release. Angry nerds can't fathom why Lionsgate would kill a sure hit. 

If you detect detachment in the above text, it's because we at HooM! are fickle and hesitate to align with dorks. But we do wish wealth and success on Meat Train director Ryuhei Kitamura (Sky High, Azumi), whose Hollywood debut is dumpster-bound, thanks to Drake. 

Midnight Meat Train Train: Kitamura (left) with stars Vinnie Jones, Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb

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