Forbidden Is Back, Loves Flangers

Sure, it's a bummer that Bay Area Thrash band Forbidden wasn't huge back in the day, despite some nice MTV support. Sophomore album Twisted Into Form is a classic, all spidery guitars, propulsive drumming, and the taunting, accusatory vocals of Russ Anderson. On the bright side, lack of mega-success made Forbidden an important weapon in the fight to expose non-Metal people in hiding: Any hipster can obscure his or her true identity by claiming Metallica or Slayer fandom, but upon mention of 'tweener' bands like Forbidden, Vio-Lence, Death Angel, or Cyclone Temple, non-Metal people will blink vacantly, stammer, and self-destruct. All that remains is a pile of ashes and some thick-rimmed glasses. From Blabbermouth:

FORBIDDEN "Twisted Into Form" Live
June 24 08  Maribor, Slovenia's Stuk

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Huffington Shropshire said...

WHile I love Forbidden as much as the next--had Twisted Into Form on a tape b/w Realm's "Suiciety" (sp?)--but something about a hulking front man who towers over the other members always made me uncomfortable. One of those Fogerty-esque voice-not-matching-the-body-once-you-see-them sorta things.