Metal In 2008: The Half-Year In Half-Review

As the month of June comes to a close, we at HooM! reflect on the year 2008 thus far. There have been ups (reunions for Carcass, Forbidden, and At The Gates; the rise of Ana Ivanovic) and downs (Amy Winehouse sapping Earth's drug supply, a new Disturbed album), strikes (Kobe Bryant MVP, my new watch) and gutters (a Lakers defeat in the NBA finals, Oreo Cakesters). Anthrax is back (and shitty). Nine Axl Rose songs leak (assuredly setting back a Chinese Democracy release by 16 months). And, of course, a whole bunch of natural disasters and stuff. Which is eerie since 2008 has been a terrific metal year to this point. Coincidence? Surely.

THE BEST METAL OF 2008 through June 30
Presented By Hipsters Out Of Metal!
In no order because I'm not done listening to the damn shit yet ok?
  • Hate Eternal, Fury & Flames (Metal Blade)
  • Protest The Hero, Fortress (Vagrant)
  • Testament, The Formation Of Damnation (Nuclear Blast)
  • Arsis, We Are The Nightmare (Nuclear Blast)
  • Nachtmystium, Assassins: Black Meddle, Part 1 (Century Media)
  • Origin, Antithesis (Relapse)
And that doesn't count the semi-digested records from Byzantine, Opeth, Aborted, Kataklysm, and Scar Symmetry because, what, should I quit my goddamn job? 

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Vince Neilstein said...

Great choices! We agree on 3 of 6. not bad!

HIGHLY recommend you continue listening to Byzantine. Fucking phenomenal record.