Nachtmystium: 'Assassins,' Floyd, and God's Flesh

Guitar World's Metal Kult blog took a break from its all-Arch Enemy/In Flames format to unleash an awesome series on Chicago black metal quartet Nachtmystium. Visit Metal Kult now and watch part one of their behind-the-scenes look into the making of Blake Judd & Co.'s forthcoming Century Media debut Assassins: Black Meddle, Part One. [While you're there, compliment GW on their EVH-Dime-EVH-Dime cover story cycle.] 

Assassins reportedly is more adventurous -- and influenced by Pink Floyd -- than 2006's supreme Instinct: Decay, so expect to see it right next to Arsis and Origin on all year-end best album lists. Get it June 10th or perish. 

UPDATE: The brilliant Metal Sucks guys agree. So there, Mom!

UPDATE UPDATE: See Nachtmystium on tour with Boris and Torche, authors of two more 2008 classics. I dub that show Boner City. And I am mayor.

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