Living The 'High Life' With Testament

Man, there was a time when mainstream media and big business wouldn't be seen in the same time zone as Satan-worshipping, baby-eating, daughter-violating Metal bands. But not only was legendary Bay Area thrash band Testament recently featured in MTV's 52/52 thingy, but Blabbermouth reports today that free Testament downloads are getting to those who need them most: honest, everyday, beer-swilling joes! 

As of 'right now,' arguably the two best songs from the quintet's acclaimed new album, The Formation Of Damnation, are available for download at Miller High Life's hideous website. I got about five minutes into the registration process and bailed. (No, I don't agree to the Miller High Life Extras Loyalty Program Terms And Conditions.) I defy anyone to outlast me. Or drink an entire High Life. 

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