Mastodon Anticipation, Metallica Antipathy

If Wacktallica abides by any showbiz credo, it's Always Leave 'Em Wanting Less. Even in their best days, the band was prone to girlfriend-repelling musical excess; now, they just talk too goddamn much. So, though currently without a release date (HooM! sources* indicate that a Radiohead-/NIN-style surprise release looms), we are already sick to death of the quartet's forthcoming record, probably called Death Magnetic. The word 'death' is cool, but it's hardly impactful after the MetalliNoiseMachine obscured that by slowly revealing fragments of the title -- and hokey logo -- over the course of an agonizingly unsuspenseful week. What a cliffhanger. And why no mention of producer/major selling point/freakish beardo Rick Rubin?

Luckily, over-hyping is just not possible for Mastodon, who premiered new songs at, sigh, the Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival this weekend. Though bearded, the Atlanta quartet seems unable to release anything but engrossing, ambitious albums, a trait reminiscent of the now-deceased Metallica. And at least a pair of nipples was feverishly self-massaged at HooM! HQ upon the announcement that producer Brendan O'Brien is helming the band's next album, titled Fuck Metallica ... Here's Rasputin**. Our two cents: O'Brien's a good fit, a facilitator whose musical vocabulary might tease out a more expansive Mastodon*** -- even beyond Matt Bayles' explosive palette of trebly twinkles and blistering crunch. Then again, time will tell if O'Brien is Mastodon's Bob Rock. 
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Mastodon at Bonnaroo, Saturday

*Source: Perez Hilton
**Not true at all.
***Please hire this guy for mixing duties

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