HooM! Appreciation Society Honors: Jim DeRogatis

HooM! has loudly endorsed music writer/big husky cuddlebear Jim DeRogatis since the release of Let It Blurt, his masterful tome on HooM! Hall Of Famer Lester Bangs, father of modern rock journalism. Now, it's true: DeRogatis is a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, which is wack. Nevertheless, homeboy earns major HooM! Horns for his deeds of derring-do and general awesomeness last week. The unlucky recipient of an anonymous package containing the then-secret video of R. Kelly tinkling on some teenager, DeRogatis was called to testify last week in the ongoing trial. Fortunately for non-idiots, big Jim is a big badass and cited Reporter's Rights in his refusal to answer any questions. Whammy!

In hilarious related news, Deciblog reports this morning that DeRogatis and fellow Chicago writer Greg Kot recently featured Sweden's Disfear on their Sound Opinions program on NPR. Which didn't sit well with one Chronic Sandy Vagina Syndrome sufferer.

UPDATE: Shots fired!

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