Corny Cyclists Out Of Metal!: Iron Maiden at Madison Square Garden

Iron Maiden's ridiculously sweet Somewhere Back In Time tour rolled through Chicago this weekend, and that faint grinding sound audible throughout the area originates from HooM! HQ 'cause holy shit arena shows are expensive. Worse, screamingly positive reports keep trickling in, so the teeth-gnashing has grown in volume; next time I'll sell a limb or blow a politician to finance some Maiden Heaven. They played 'Moonchild' for the love of jeff. 

So color me ungrateful that Ian Christe of Bang Bang Blog blasted my near-complete recovery to smithereens with the below image of bicycle wanker Lance Armstrong (foreground, far right) and Hollywood fuckrag Kate Hudson in attendance at Maiden's goddamn motherfucking Madison Square Garden show on June 15th. Hope the happy couple isn't shocked when I Josh Homme them at SkyBar this weekend. They both smell like Owen Wilson's gay dick. 
'They're playing "Iron Maiden"! Quick! Take your Cialis!': Hudson, Armstrong up the Irons

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