RIP George Carlin, Comic of Metal

"We're all fucked. It helps to remember that."
-- George Carlin, 1937-2008

In our half-quest to expose and disgrace the lying, grasping dickbags of the world, comic George Carlin was an invaluable ally. Armed with a laser-calibrated bullshit detector and an unapologetically foul mouth, Carlin was unafraid to use comedy to strike down myths and depose their purveyors. And, like Lenny Bruce, he did all this when gasped admonishments would derail any subject more confrontational than women drivers or doctor bills, never mind that there was a fucking war going on. 

Media will rush to offer gooey memorials, illustrating the pure confusion of Carlin's iconic status as reported by those he would've been happy to taser in the nuts daily. No; the real tributes are out there, people, every time an amateur Carlin hurls vulgar absurdities at pro-life ghouls, every time a shaggy malcontent farts loudly and toxically at a snooty organic supermarket, and every time some delusional pew-humper is jolted by the whipcrack of a well-aimed 'Nice suit, fuckstick.' 

We love you, George. 

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