Somebody's probably lamented to you about the lack of cool people out there in the big, khaki world. That whiny and vague complaint can be backed with hard evidence today. From Agence-France Presse, via Blabbermouth:

PRAGUE -- An express train crashed Friday into a Czech road bridge which collapsed during construction seconds before the train's passage, killing seven people and injuring dozens, rescue services said.

An interior ministry spokeswoman said the train was carrying 123 people, including a large group of Czech, Polish and Slovakian youths making for a rock concert by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden at a Prague football stadium on Friday night.

Not to be a insensitive asshole, but it's my sincere hope that no Maiden fans were among the dead. One should be granted invincibility -- not a sudden, horrifically painful death -- in reward for dedicated Maiden worship. It's only right, people. 

If you're not depressed enough by that tragedy (or appalled at my public callousness), here's more: Bernie Brillstein died this week at age 77. I personally owe this guy about 160000 laughs. Brillstein didn't invent the joke, but as a producer and agent, he was largely responsible for the success of nearly every funny thing white people have done, from Jim Henson's Muppets to Saturday Night Live and John Belushi to Seinfeld. In fairness, his production company also gave us Alf and Hee Haw. All reports indicate that Brillstein was a great guy -- not a Bruckheimer-style prickface. Read Nikki Finke's very affectionate piece at Deadline Hollywood

UPDATE: The hilarious Bernie Mac is dead at age 50 of ... Am I reading this correctly? Mac died of pneumonia? What year is this? 

'So, fuckstick. That's it?'

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