I haven't heard Municipal Waste because jerks like myself don't do shit until we have to; maybe a rave review from a trusted writer catches my eye or I pass out next to speakers blasting the record into my brain. Orrrrr a member of your band hangs out with percusso-aliencore band Boredoms at their insane bi-coastal drum circle crackathon freakout from the fourth dimension. From Blabbermouth:

Municipal Waste's Dave Witte has been selected as one of 88 drummers who will participate in the Brooklyn portion of 88BoaDrum.

Conceived by the Japanese psych-noise group Boredoms, 88BoaDrum is an original 88-minute composition that will be performed by 88 drummers in Los Angeles and Brooklyn on August 8, 2008 (8/8/08).

Peruse the full list and you'll see lotsa hipster drummers (if you're both a hipster and a drummer, that's like being a rapist with awful breath). Some highlights: Just kidding. No highlights, just dorks temporarily rendered cool by Yamatsuka Eye, Yoshimi P-We and crew. What, is the chick from Lolita #18 busy? They coulda gotten Gene Hoglan or Pete Sandoval. Remember Boredoms' Super AE album? That was awesome.  

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