To abide by HooM! doctrine, one must always strive to live naked and dream gay. That is, strip yourself of daily life's constraints in the physical world while allowing your imagination to travel unfettered by artificial boundaries imposed by weak-minded, control-hungry stooges. Break the chains. Fuck the system. Live naked, dream gay, people.

Few have lived more naked or dreamed gayer than the late Harvey Milk, the world's first openly gay public official. Not just a gay rights activist, Milk was a champion of all minorities. (Isn't 'minority' a honky euphemism for everyone who's neither white nor male nor rich? We are not the minority, dudes.) Anyway, Milk and San Francisco mayor George Moscone were murdered by Dan White, an ex-cop and failed potato restauranteur who'd been seeking reinstatement to a city government post from which he resigned, siting corruption. Moscone apparently wasn't having it, and White shot him dead at city hall before reloading his gun and murdering Milk, also a San Francisco city supervisor, in his office there. That White avoided a first-degree homicide conviction -- he got manslaughter, for which he served five years -- outraged pretty much everybody, especially since it was reported in the press that a 'diminished capacity' defense hinged on White's over-consumption of Twinkies, a revelation which somehow illustrated White's supposedly depressive, uncontrollably homicidal state of mind. Basically, it was legal to murder homosexuals and their friends in America and the jury was just dying to acquit. There's a cool song about the whole fiasco, and a killer documentary, and this fall brings a pretty awesome-looking biopic starring full-retard Sean Penn, James Franco, and Josh Brolin. 

I say all this because it's the spirit of people like Harvey Milk that embiggens me to admit that I love Enuff Z'Nuff. When the Chicago quartet popped with "New Thing" in 1989, my people and I took one look at the technicolor video and dismissed EZ out of hand. I wasn't into bright shit, man. I was dark, disturbed, disassociated. To 'get high on a new thing' wasn't an option; I was going to either punch or fuck your face, but never put a neon pink smile on it. Well, that me is dead and Enuff Z'Nuff rocks! Check out their cromulent new tune featuring ex-Ozzy/Badlands maestro Jake E. Lee -- but first crank this shit right here. This one's for you, Harvey!

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