HooM! Point/Counterpoint: JOE ELLIOTT vs RIKKI ROCKETT

Rikki Rockett Is A Fucking Idiot
Joe Elliott, Def Leppard
Poison had no substance in their music and therefore relied more on their image in the '80s. I don't think anyone in Poison uses their real name, do they? And I could name hundreds of others who don't, but Poison came to mind because I was asked about them! It's nothing personal; it was just an answer to a question. They've heard worse, no? Rikki implies we're lip-syncing on tour?! HA!!! Well, he's welcome to come see us anytime he wants. Obviously, he's not used to hearing a good band very often then, is he?? Also, glitter rock may well have been re-christened in the 80's by er, someone in Hollywood, but trust me, I was there in 1972 in the UK, when David Bowie, T-Rex, Slade, and Sweet ruled Glam Rock! Sorry, Rikki, you're wrong here, mate. Very wrong!

I've Never Raped Anybody
Rikki Rockett, Poison
I thought maybe I had insulted somebody or there was a bill I didn't pay. And when they took me in and sat me down and told me that I had a rape charge, I've never felt that kind of a rush go through my body. There were a lot of people just poised to say something about me or my band, so when this came out they were all over it. Immediately I started losing some of the products I was putting out, people refusing my posters in stores, it was a gnarly, gnarly thing to happen. When the pressure began to grow, now she's saying that no, it is in fact this other guy. 

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