Say what you will about Mitstallica (come on James, shake those glorious mitties for me), but take a listen to new single "The Day That Never Comes" and there's little doubt that the assholes are at least trying. What exactly they're trying to do is unclear, because the song sucks ass. It's not a simple misfire, like when your omelet has been salted too heavily and the green peppers are way bitter. Naw, this plodding, aimless, ill-footed, momentum-less dud is more like a cold, yellow mess only vaguely resembling an omelet -- though it is edible at gunpoint. Now it's our choice to smilingly offer some hollow compliments or spit it out. Yeah, I thought so. Here's a napkin.


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Sweeney said...

Your manner of describing that track is dead-on, sir. Hyperbole, yes. Overdone? Fuck no. I'm bookmarking your site right now.