Sorry to bring this up while we're still mourning George Carlin and Bernie Mac, but holy shit is Mitch Hedberg missed. As hilariousest comic ever, the totally Metal Hedberg created a unfillable vacuum with his sudden (read: drug-related) death in early 2005, during that awful stretch in which Metal people were also robbed of Dimebag and Hunter S. Thompson. And he is yet to be replaced. 

Alas, the good news is that Comedy Central is set to release Do You Believe In Gosh?, Mitch's third comedy album, on September 9. The album's title seems to allude to pussy-ass no-swearing comics like the awful Jim Gaffigan, who, in the five minutes of shitty half-jokes that I saw, brushed up against no fewer than three Hedberg bits. Anyway, the internet fairly teems with fan pics of the intensely likable, cuddly Hedberg and though I never met him (damn), I guess we kinda connected for an instant when his reference to hair rock duds Krokus drew wild laughter from myself, a friend, and no one else in the sold-out theater. Once I recovered -- is there any inherently funnier word than 'krokus'? -- other dudes in our row quickly related that they watched Mitch glowingly train his stare on the two of us as we cracked the fuck up. That's not much, but I'll take it. We love you, Mitch.

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