It's a truly boring day at work when scanning Blabbermouth and MetalSucks doesn't occupy my free time, and I'm forced to read reader comments to run out the clock. Which is a retarded waste of time because anyone with a worthwhile/entertaining opinion will just start their own goddamn blog. But Blabbermouth commenter 'Break Open' makes an interesting point in defense of the band sequence on the just-announced Handjob From A Cowboy tour, featuring the ungodly Hate Eternal as direct support:
Job For A Cowboy have sold more records than Hate Eternal (look at their first-week sales... damn). Whether people like it or not, record sales usually indicate to promoters who kids will want to go see more.

Either way, I think it's a great slot for [Hate Eternal's] Erik Rutan and Co. This way people who don't want to stick around for JFAC can still catch 'em.
Yes! If there's one thing no sane person can stand, it's sitting through 13 shitty, indistinguishable bands (and their soundchecks) to see the headliner. By the time all that half-ass cack and its accompanying chest-thumping is over, it's 3 AM and I don't even like metal anymore. So I'm glad to leave after the good shit and help empty out the room for the more digestable, bigger-selling acts, who likely move more copies because a larger number of people find them tolerable while good bands with smaller marketing budgets have slightly fewer but wildly fanatical followers. In related news, that sentence was too long. Hate Eternal rules!

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