Not to get all emo, but I just had one of those point-of-no-return moments: It's clear as of this moment that my job sucks and jail time is in my immediate future unless I depart it post haste. I will sound like Uncle Rico here, but maybe there's a time machine that could transport me back a few years to somehow join Gojira, French extreme space-metallists. There'd be a language barrier and all, but I do know a bunch of Serge Gainsbourg songs. That couldn't hurt. From a press release reproduced in its fucking entirety at Headbanger's Blog:
Even Gojira’s most devoted followers will likely be rendered speechless by the band’s upcoming album, The Way Of All Flesh, which comes out October 14.

Throughout the disc, the band vault from one end of the metal spectrum to the next, ping-ponging from Meshuggah to Opeth, Morbid Angel to Voivod, enveloping the disc with a conceptual web redolent of Mastodon, but rooted in reality, not fantasy. Gojira have touched upon environmentalism before on songs like “Global Warming,” but here the tunes are imbibed with a sense of dread, as if they’re no longer issuing a call to action, and instead have started ringing the death knell.

“This album is a requiem for our planet,” says frontman Joe Duplantier. “We don’t want to be negative or cynical about the fate of humanity, but the situation on earth is growing critical, and the way humans behave is so catastrophic that we really need to express our exasperation about it.”
Come to think of it, I'm probably more like The Simpsons' Moe Szyslak: 'Hey -- I may be ugly and hate-filled, but ... Wait. What was the third thing you said?"

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