Despite coming off a ho-hum album and the loss of both guitarists (including the man-tastic Peter Wichers), Soilwork still figures prominently in my thoughts these days. While the Swedish sextet may be one of earth's least original bands, they seem incapable of writing a bad hook, goofy lyrics or not. So holy shit did my eyes widen when reading about the new Soilwork/Zimmers Hole tour, but alas, that shit is a world away in Europe. Those fuckers get everything: Soccer. A hot first lady in France. Neo-facism. And now this. Damn.

However, great albums from Scar Symmetry and now The Human Abstract (Midheaven, out today) comfort me while Soilwork is off galavanting with European nerds. Similarly mechanical and predictable, THA is American and therefore way whinier and much less restrained on the cringe-inducing stuff, like lengthy spoken word passages (yuck), way too much piano (barf), and bad Hagarian earnestness (gag). And you can tell they wrote their own unintentionally hilarious bio. So yeah, they're immature (like most bands at age four) but I'm excited all the same, 'cause THA will rip -- just as soon as they reel in singer Nathan Ells, who brutalizes even the coolest musicianship with his rush to cram in every thought ever. Plus, they had the good sense to fire the shit outta producer Toby Wright. On tour this fall with Dir en grey. 


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