As far as Metal music goes, HooM!'s policy is live and let live. That said, In Flames is awful -- a fact I'd happily neglect to point out if the Gothenburg suktet would stop crashing all the fucking good metal shows. From Blabbermouth:
Swedish metal band In Flames has announced a North American headlining tour in support of its new album, A Sense of Purpose. The month-long trek will launch on November 6 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and will run through December 10 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Apparently In Flames' publicist sees more value in pointing out that Quebec is part of Canada than mentioning support acts All That Remains (above; hey, lighten up there, muscles), Gojira (!!) and 36 Crazyfists (Sorry I like my fists nice and sane). Oh wait there they are, listed above the tour itinerary. Gee thanks. Anyway, this tour will mark at least the fifth time the In Flames guys will see the back of my head as I depart prior to their set, as discussed here. Gojira rips!

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