In the Book of Inexcusably Shitty Bands, detailing the offenses of honkycore act Linkin Park will require a 400-strong team of amphetamine-amped monkeys. Even then, the project could stretch across decades as the sextet is breathtakingly proficient at flavorless dorm rock, commentary alternating between indecipherable and obvious, and unprompted self-humilation -- all captured in one convenient clip (above). And they've only been on the radar since 2000! 

Just click above and marvel at Stinkin Fart* sporting some snappy wigs for a rousing performance of the Guns N' Roses classic "Sweet Child O' Mine" at last night's tour stop in Wisconsin somewhere. There's so much stupid shit going on here. Perhaps they're eager to illuminate -- as music industry insiders -- the Def Leppard-Poison beef (hence the wigs). Or could it be that the whiny bitch music champs are agitating for a swift release of Rose 'N Roses' not-really-awaited-anymore album, Chinese Democracy (hence the song choice). Maybe the band had a score to settle with the people of Wisconsin (hence the timing, tunelessness). Considering the horrid performance -- the latest in a long line of shitty covers of our generation's "Free Bird" -- it seems just as likely that Chester Bennington (hilarious name, dude) and crew had gotten ahold of some really good meth (hence everything). Ahh the mysteries of life. 

*Sorry. It just slipped out.

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