Sunday night was a big event for me, as the lurvly Megan Hauserman's prominent role in the I Love Money games ensured plenty of camera time for the vacuous, me-loving fox. And therefore, tons of involuntary panting and squirming on my part. But how about that Rodeo, who proved beyond any lingering doubt that the space immediately around her person is a 100% dignity-free zone. That crazy bitch was crying to and pleading with a fucking dog, friends. 

Other notable batshit crazy white people this week include a young South African student (and lover of drugs and Slipknot) who entered his school, killed one schoolmate with a sword, wounded two groundskeepers, and then calmly succumbed to arrest. In fairness, no where does it indicate the race/ethnicity of the young swordsman, but we can assume he's white because he attends school in South Africa. And he was merely arrested and not catapulted into the sun. From News24:
Pierre Eksteen, who is in charge of a school support network for children, told reporters outside the deserted school grounds that Satanic music was probably the cause of the attack. "He came here camouflaged as [Joey Jordison, drummer] from Slipknot. We know the wrong kind of music, and drugs have bad effects. Young people need to be informed of the effects of bad Satanic music," said Eksteen.
I love how he mentions a rock band first, then drugs. And what are 'the effects of' Satanic metal? Uncontrollable sword-wielding? And does a guy from South Africa, bastion of economic slavery and xenophobia, actually have the fucking nerve to condemn Metal? Or his he just saying Slipknot is 'bad Satanic music' and that kids should listen to Behemoth, a far superior Satanic band? Is Slipknot even 'Satanic'? So many questions. Oh look there's a donut left. Later!

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