We at HooM! are intensely disciplined about the live and let live spirit. Example? If Kid Rock fits your definition of good music, fine, rock on dude. Just stay the motherfuck away from me. And wipe that twinkie grease off your face, fatty. Likewise, if you actually are Kid Rock, whatever, chump; it's a sin to let fools keep their money. Get it while it's easy, I say. 

But even sensible, thick-skinned guys can be pushed too far. Like when my senses were raped today by a fucking Kid Rock video/military recruitment ad hybrid. Holy fuck, what am I, a fucking moron? What the fuck do race cars have to do with anything? What the mother of shit does Kid Rock know about wars and combat? Are you telling me that we, as taxpayers, are paying Kid Rock to counteract the American military's horrible public image with schmaltzy bullshit? This is not a product; this is human life. If what is depicted in the above clip were accurate, then Kid Rock and Prof. Racecar guy wouldn't be necessary to make a good case for recruitment. Kid Rock, if that is your real name, you better request a detachment to guard your own bloated ass because I just declared jihad on you. Whatever happens Kid Rock you're dead! 


Steven said...

Fed propaganda. Creed did some, too. Putrid evil lies perpetrated by our loving gubment.

Anonymous said...

what a gd moron