I'm filled with several types of rage, but none more profitable and entertaining than my virulent Consumer Rage, which results in the occasional but venomous costumer service dispute. A particularly heated Call & Bitch session resulted in a tasty upgrade to my cable service. Unfortunately, I've now been subjected to Eddie Trunk's That Metal Show, unwatchable and funereal as it is. Trunk is cool, but the half-hour is an assault of poorly-conceived/awfully-executed segments, inept interviewing, and pointless discussion. (A recent episode features two deathly minutes of apples-to-oranges comparison of Vulgar Display of Power and Reign In Blood. Ugh.) Worse, Trunk's unlikable goons peddle mirthless East Coast tough guy non-humor, overshadowing their obvious affection for Metal. And leave it to VH1 to produce a Metal show hosted exclusively by non-longhairs. Lame. 

I'm gonna get back to this Showtime softcore (lest the plot escape me [something about erotic seduction {the best kind}]), so let's wrap it up by saying for good Metal viewing, go no further than the magnificent doc Heavy Metal In Baghdad (above). And we thought the PMRC was bad. 

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Anton said...

This show is so pointless. Three "never weres" sitting around lamely discussing music. Two or three bars of some tune as an intro to some guest, and these three suckos do their worst attempts at sounding cool while kissing butt. I must disagree re: Trunk. Not cool.