All those lame celebrity-voiced animated vehicles that Dreamworks and Pixar et al crank out every year have yet to interest me. It's mostly kids stuff, which means no freebasing or dwarf-bangs. Just a lot of conformist brainwashing and Robin Williams. But that could change since David Fincher (Zodiac, The Sensuous Case of Bradley Pitt) is tackling animation with The Goon. Keep an eye on that one.

For now, my wang loves the spellbinding new animated video from metalists Gojira, "All The Tears" (above), which reportedly "is about all the tears." So yeah my boner was already having a busy week when Gojira announced a headline (!) tour last night, featuring opening bands Who Cares and Not Gojira. And we're inside of a week 'til new Mastodon. It's kinda like getting an aching wisdom tooth removed and scoring ten vicodin on your way out the door. Now if only I could get this traffic cone out of my ass. 

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