It's been a dispiriting month for fans of shrieking, caterwauling Japanese pop singers. First, Utada Hikaru, the Kobe Bryant of J-pop, embarrassed herself a second time with her silly sophomore English-language wannabe R&B record, This Is The One. Her LeBron James, BoA, did the same with her self-titled US debut, though at least she had the good sense to hire experts to wholly fabricate her desperately inauthentic LP that no reasonable American would buy. And most devastating of all, Brilliant Green singer Tomoko Kawase's new record under her Tommy February6 moniker turns out to be a fucking Best-Of, culling superhits from all um two of her albums. Oh plus a compulsory pair of new songs, which I'd bet dollars to donuts will pop up on her next real record anyway.

Kawase has HooM! Diplomatic Immunity as the author of the two best Top 40 pop records since back when Madonna's vagina wasn't dried shut, so I'm not mad. But I was mad ready (ha) for a new TF6 outing in these lean pop times. Til then, her ripping side-side project Tommy Heavenly6 will suffice, whose awesomeness if typified by the hot and heavy "Fell In Love With You" and "Gothic Pink" (below). Let's all go to crazy and enjoy to headbang!

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